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    John’s FIFO Story

    John works as a FIFO drilling contractor on a 2 and 1 roster, with 7 days day-shift and 7 night-shift. Inconsistency with his results were an issue for him previously due to FIFO his lifestyle, this combined with an injury that prevented him workout out led to him gaining over 10kg in a 12 month […] More

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    Alex’s FIFO Story

    Struggling with long hours and a tight schedule? Have no energy? Shitty or limited gym equipment on site? We’re back with another client case study from one of the boys on the FIFO System. Alex works as a FIFO Geotechnical field tech on a 3 and 1 roster. He had been into health and fitness […] More

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    Shanes FIFO Story

    This is our legendary friend and client Shane. He lost over 7.5kg in his first 5 Weeks on The FIFO System. (See the pic above) Shane works as a mining contractor for FMG on an 8:6 roster. He was previously fit and heavily involved in Gaelic Football, but a knee injury and busy FIFO work […] More

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    Wozza’s FIFO Story

    Warren (Wozza) works as an underground diamond drilling contractor on a 2 and 1 roster, with 7 days day-shift and 7 night-shift. Wozza has been mining for 12 years and on FIFO for 8 ½ years. His shifts can often extend for around 13 hours underground and he would finish his shifts exhausted and flat. […] More

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    5 Reasons Why You Are Not Losing Body Fat

    It can definitely be disheartening when you’ve nourished your body with nothing but healthy foods and trained so hard yet you struggle to see results. Here are a few reasons as to why that might be the case: Overly High Expectations Having unrealistic expectations can sometimes be detrimental to your health and weight loss e.g. […] More

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    6 Biggest Mistakes Beginners Make

    Have you been eating extremely “healthy”, training nearly every day of the week (sometimes even twice a day) and climbing endless mountains – yet, you’re still not reaching the body you want? Here are a few tips and tricks to avoid silly mistakes when hitting the gym: 1. “Weight training will make you bulky” – […] More

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    4 Ways To Banish Belly Bloating!

    It can be a terrifying moment when you’re struggling to suck your gut in for a photo or trying to squeeze on your tightest pair of jeans… “Have they shrunk?” you wonder; “Or has my belly grown?” What could be the cause of the sudden bloating? Well put it simply, feeling “bloated” is actually the result […] More

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    The 5 Best Ways To Disguise Your Greens

    There’s two types of people in this world. 1. The ones who say “Ew no way will I eat any more greens than I am eating right now.” These people almost never are eating enough greens. 2. The ones who say “I don’t need to disguise my greens, I eat plenty!” These people are also […] More

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