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    The 5 Best Ways To Disguise Your Greens

    There’s two types of people in this world. 1. The ones who say “Ew no way will I eat any more greens than I am eating right now.” These people almost never are eating enough greens. 2. The ones who say “I don’t need to disguise my greens, I eat plenty!” These people are also […] More

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    The 5 Workout Excuses That You Need to Ditch Now!

    As a coach, I’ve heard endless excuses trying to avoid fitting a workout into our day. So, get ready to read the most common excuses and ways to overcome it! 1. I’m too tired.   I’m sure we’ve all used this excuse before. Doing a workout can actually give you an energy boost! You can […] More

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    Why Your Fish Oil Is Probably Rancid.

    Fish Oil is one of the most important, effective and necessary supplements that exist today. It’s one of the very few that we will recommend to ALL of our clients for daily use, rather than just a select few. It is for that very reason that we feel it is so important to highlight why […] More

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    #PaperclipMethod – A Habit Hack to Beat the Heat!

    Building habits is hard. Really hard. If we were all masters of making habits, gyms would be fully packed 365 days a year, supermarket shelves would be empty of kale, and our alarms wouldn’t even have a snooze function. As we know, this is not the reality. Some habits, like waking up at 5am or […] More

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    The Nutrition Habits You Need To Win In 2017

    We are coming up to the end of the first week of January! That means you are probably in one of two situations: 1. You have finally gone the that gym you signed up to 6 months ago, and you’re eating way too much kale. 2. You are NOT riding the new year’s health+fitness wave, […] More

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    How To Cure Your New Year’s Hangover

    [feature_box style=”1″ only_advanced=”There%20are%20no%20title%20options%20for%20the%20choosen%20style” alignment=”center”] Over 90% of the pain and suffering of a hangover comes from dehydration. (The other 10% comes from remembering all the bad decisions you made last night…) [/feature_box] A bunch of other hangover articles will tell you that you should have pre-hydrated by drinking a bunch of water last night, or […] More

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    Winding Back The Christmas Calories

    We are in dangerous waters. Christmas day is the Holy Grail of cheat days. I don’t know about you, but adult-me gets more excited about the food on Xmas than kid-me used to get about presents. However, it’s also a time of stress for us here at Nufit. Not because of the huge volumes of […] More

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    5 Easy Tips To Survive Xmas Day

    At Nufit HQ, jeans are being abandoned for anything with an elastic waistband. Cheat Meals are being substituted for Cheat Days. And, you wouldn’t believe it, gluten is back on the menu *dramatic gasping* We are not sharing this with you because we want you to abandon your nutrition plans and goals over the holiday period. But […] More

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    7 Healthy Last-Minute Xmas Gifts

    The countdown has begun! 4 days to Christmas and you still have those last few gifts to sort out… and to make it even worse, you already bought them candles last year! No need to fear. Here’s 7 healthy, innovative present ideas that will be loved by Health-Nuts and Average-Joe’s alike. Ranging from $9 to 169, […] More

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    For all you broccoli haters out there, here is the dish that will make you see the light. And if you’re already a broccoli lover, you’re in for a TREAT. The secret to this dish is roasting the broccoli; instead of getting something mushy and watery, we end up with a nutty, textural, rich vegie […] More

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