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    The 5 Workout Excuses That You Need to Ditch Now!

    As a coach, I’ve heard endless excuses trying to avoid fitting a workout into our day. So, get ready to read the most common excuses and ways to overcome it! 1. I’m too tired.   I’m sure we’ve all used this excuse before. Doing a workout can actually give you an energy boost! You can […] More

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    The One Training Tip to Bring Up Your Lagging Muscle Groups

    Having trouble targeting a certain muscle group? Do you feel chin ups more in your arms than your lats? Or perhaps bench press fatigues your triceps and anterior delts before you have the chance to really get the chest to work? If this sounds like you, then you could benefit from implementing a technique known […] More

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    The curious case of carbs and insulin sensitivity

    It has become quite the health fad to omit certain macro-nutrients from our diets, first we had the ‘no-fat’ phase (thank god that’s on the way out) and now we have the ‘no-carb’ phase, which is certainly better than the ‘no-fat’ recommendations, but this ‘all-or-nothing’ approach of completely removing an entire type of macronutrient is […] More

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    1 Tip to Fix your Squatting Woes!

    (I couldn’t write an article about squats and not have Ronnie Coleman as the cover image could I?)   Bodybuilding is a funny sport, and a rapidly developing one also; every day there seems to be a new ‘best way’ to do something. It’s very common for people to look at what their favourite bodybuilder […] More

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    3 Easy Tweaks for a Stronger (and Safer!) Deadlift

    We’ve all seen some shocking deadlifts in our time (like the PT spotting a deadlift by the chin..) if you don’t know what I’m talking about have a quick look HERE Anyway.. This isn’t a 10-page breakdown on everything deadlifting or an intensive insight into anatomy and its link to deadlifting, this just three simple cues […] More

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    Nutrition or Exercise?

    A commonly held belief in modern society is that if you eat less and exercise more you will lose weight. Unfortunately in reality it’s not that simple. In the 1980s there was a massive fitness trend, wearing lycra, rollerblading and working out in gyms was very popular. Between 1980-2000 gym memberships in the USA more […] More

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    5 Foods to Maximise Gains

    You have probably read an article with a similar headline to this before from a mainstream website, now read Nufit’s favourite five nutrient dense foods for real results. Nutrient density is the ratio of nutrients relative to the total calorie content in a food. A food with high nutrient density packs in the most amount […] More