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    3 Easy Tweaks for a Stronger (and Safer!) Deadlift

    We’ve all seen some shocking deadlifts in our time (like the PT spotting a deadlift by the chin..) if you don’t know what I’m talking about have a quick look HERE Anyway.. This isn’t a 10-page breakdown on everything deadlifting or an intensive insight into anatomy and its link to deadlifting, this just three simple cues […] More

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    Hormone Testing

    The Thyroid Gland and Dysfunction This is your thyroid gland. The thyroid’s main job is to produce two hormones called triiodothyronine and thyroxine; commonly known as T3 and T4 and deliver them to ALL cells located in your ENTIRE body. Why is this important? Because, the job of the thyroid is the master gland of […] More

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    Most accurate body fat measurement? DEXA vs Bio impedance

    When you begin a new nutrition and exercise program it can be motivating to have a body composition scan done at the start and at intervals throughout your program so that you can track the progress you are making and also to hold you accountable. We look at two of the most accurate body composition […] More

  • What’s in your milk?

    What’s in your milk?

    You may be surprised to find that the milk you buy in the supermarket is far from the white liquid that originally came from the cow. Commercially available milk is the second most inflammatory food behind gluten and it’s also one of the most heavily processed foods available in the supermarket today! This is why […] More

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    Gut Bacteria, why they are critical for optimal health

    There are millions of bacteria in your gut. In fact most of us have around 1.5kg of live bacteria that reside in our large intestine. Scientists are today discovering what Hippocrates, the father of modern medicine stated around 300 years BC, that is, “All disease begins in the gut” – Hippocrates around 300 BC. Obviously […] More

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    Eat Fat to Lose Fat!

    The much-maligned macronutrient fat is often avoided by many because we are told that eating fat will make us fat and increase our chances of developing chronic diseases. Unfortunately that is far from the truth and these people who avoid fat in their diet find themselves struggling to lose weight and put on muscle, get […] More

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    Omega-3 The key to fat loss

    Omega-3 fatty acids are one of the most critical elements in nutrition today especially for avoiding diseases and staying healthy. However the benefits of omega-3’s also play a massive role in your ability to drop body fat and put on muscle. People eating an average western diet usually have quite low levels of omega-3’s so […] More

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    Stop stress from breaking down your muscles!

    You have probably heard of cortisol aka the stress hormone. Cortisol is a steroid hormone that has the ability to affect every cell in the body and basically functions to make energy available to you quickly in stressful or dangerous situations. It is secreted from your adrenal glands (located above your kidneys) when you are […] More

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    Sleep Better get Bigger!

    Sleep could be the limiting factor for your progress in the gym. Getting enough sleep is half the problem, for people with busy lives sleep is one of the first things to be sacrificed for more time. Getting quality sleep is another issue, in this article we will go over some strategies to make the […] More

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    Grass-fed and free range meat; the answer to health, environmental destruction and famine

    Where does your meat come from? Most Australians think that the meat they eat comes from an animal grown in a paddock on a farm in the country. Unfortunately most Australian’s don’t know where their food comes from anymore. The average consumer wouldn’t know it but factory farms are now common in Australia. A factory […] More

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