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    This Is Why We’ve Failed

    OVER 75% OF ALL NEW YEARS RESOLUTIONS ARE HEALTH AND FITNESS RELATED… …yet only 8% of people are actually setting and achieving theirs. What does that mean? It means that there is a serious problem with the whole concept of a New Year’s Resolution and there is a HUGE disconnect with what we say and […] More

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    The 3 Key Principles Necessary For Dieting Success

    Talk to someone about their past dieting history and you’ll likely hear a phrase similar to; “the diet was great for “X” amount of weeks or so, but then I couldn’t sustain it.” Even coaches here at Nufit have blurted this out through our previous experiences in our own fitness journeys. There’s three key principles […] More

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    Behavioral Habits; How To Build A Strong Foundation

    I have a confession to make…when I first started my fitness journey all I wanted was the end result and that was to lose as much body fat as possible, to have abs and killer legs to impress the guys. Or if you’re a guy reading this, I’m sure you can relate to always wanting […] More

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    4 Simple Ways To Be Lazy And Get Shredded

    Following a Paleo lifestyle full of free-range grass fed meats and organic whole foods can be a rather daunting task, especially to those who are new to it. It is often viewed as a large time consuming effort to eat healthy, which can leave us pondering whether or not it is really worth it. We […] More

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    A “Pack a Day” Kind of Diet.

    Hey! Im hungry! Whats nearby and easy to eat/make? Ooo that looks yum! Munch munch munch… This scenario sound familiar? We’ll its become a nasty habit of ours. All too often we find ourselves hungry and reaching for the easiest or tastiest (usually both) option… Then we love to go and complain about our weight, […] More

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    The 3 essential ingredients to a healthy diet.

    Making any significant change in life is always challenging, whether it be moving home, ending a relationship or deciding on whether to go blonde or brunette (of which I have no experience in the matter). But through that change we are forced to adapt and grow! After all “if you always do what you’ve always done, […] More