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  • Prime your Pre-workout

    Prime your Pre-workout

    When most people think of pre-workout nutrition they think of fluorescent chemicals that get you charging. But a good quality pre-workout is not about that. If you are eating a nutrient dense diet of wholefoods you shouldn’t need to rely on stimulants to get you psyched up pre-workout. Instead your Pre-workout should be determined by […] More

  • Greens Power

    Greens Power!

      Greens powders are an often overlooked supplement by most trainers but they play a very important role for optimal body composition. A good quality greens powder will do wonders for your muscle recovery, help you to sleep better, have more energy, burn fat and build muscle more efficiently. A mayor benefit of greens powder […] More

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    The real fat burner that nobody is using!  

    Supplementing with L-Carnitine is a great way to get your body to burn fat for energy production. L-carnitine is used by athletes for a range of benefits including improved athletic performance, faster recovery from high-intensity exercise and its ability to allow your body to work at a higher capacity to push out more reps in […] More