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    3 Easy Tweaks for a Stronger (and Safer!) Deadlift

    We’ve all seen some shocking deadlifts in our time (like the PT spotting a deadlift by the chin..) if you don’t know what I’m talking about have a quick look HERE Anyway.. This isn’t a 10-page breakdown on everything deadlifting or an intensive insight into anatomy and its link to deadlifting, this just three simple cues […] More

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    Allocating Volume to Maximise Muscle Growth

    Program design was always a complicated topic for me. I went through the typical “I have to include every single exercise imaginable into my routine” phase, as well as the “just focus on the basic big five exercises” phase, and everything in between. Program design can be highly complicated, but it can also be fairly […] More

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    Replace The Abdominal Sidebend

    The weighted standing oblique crunch seems so easy to perform but can become a risky component of a core development program. Before you start loading up movements and working towards intervertebral disc trauma one ugly rep at a time, let’s master the basics. Master the Isolation Hold During the side plank, your core muscles turn […] More

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    What, Why & How To Tabata

    I keep hearing more and more about this type of training and I’m sure others have wondered what it’s all about as well! After I looked into Tabata, I realised it would be a great addition to any workout routine and wanted to educate anyone else interested. Tabata is a high intensity workout protocol that […] More

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    The Effects of Performing Smith Machine Bench Vs. Flat Bench Press

    Some people will tell you the Smith Machine is safer than free weights since the bar can’t fall on you. Well this isn’t true. You can get injured using the Smith Machine. And although you’re using a bar, it’s a machine. Meaning you’ll get subpar results compared to free weights. A popular question many people […] More

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    When Is The Best Time Of Day To Train?

    Do you have those mates that nag you about not getting up early enough to make it to the gym in the morning? You’ve been going to the gym straight after work for as long as you can remember! Every once in awhile you have thought, “I wish I could wake up at the crack […] More

  • Fat Loss Myth Busted
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    Fat Loss Myth Busted

    Although, any type of physical activity can have positive health benefits, the benefits of steady-state cardio training from a fat-loss (without muscle loss) perspective are often misunderstood and overstated. Let’s clear those up. Research has shown aerobic activity to be the optimal mode of exercise— over resistance training— for reducing body fat in a timely […] More