7 Healthy Last-Minute Xmas Gifts

The countdown has begun! 4 days to Christmas and you still have those last few gifts to sort out… and to make it even worse, you already bought them candles last year!

No need to fear. Here’s 7 healthy, innovative present ideas that will be loved by Health-Nuts and Average-Joe’s alike. Ranging from $9 to 169, there’s something here to fit anyone’s budget.



Wait, what? Who uses coffee plungers in 2016?

Well, we do. Here’s why they’re awesome:

Most people find it hard to drink their coffee without sugar and/or milk.

Coffee is actually beneficial to your health, but only without the additives (read more about this here)

Plungers solve two problems:

1. Barista made coffees are expensive – $4 a day = $1200 a year = adds up to a new Mercedes over the course of your career.

2. If you’re smart enough to understand the above, you probably also know that instant coffee tastes truly hideous when served black.

Cheap + Delicious Taste + Healthiera good idea.

Get one of these for anyone you know that’s overloading on the sugar.

Only $9 at Kmart – the perfect stocking filler.



There’s a reason George Foreman has made over $200 million from these bad boys.

They cook meat healthily, quickly, and are ridiculously easy to clean.

We have one of these at Nufit HQ; you can only imagine how much it gets put to work given that we each eat 4 meat-containing meals per day!

I laughed when I heard about these until I finally got one… Don’t be scared! If you know someone that wants to eat better but has issues with cooking (or cleaning), a George Foreman Grill will be a godsend.

Grab one from Big W, starting at $69.



If you haven’t already been cornered by a friend about how their lives have changed since switching to a standing desk, you probably don’t have any friends that have one.

Standing desks are the real deal.

Not only do they make you healthier in almost every way possible, they also boost your productivity!

Check out these awesome adjustable desks from Officeworks for only $169, that can turn any table or desk into a standing desk!



When you hit up the gym in fresh, high-quality gear, you feel like a boss.

Give this pleasure to your gym-junkie friend in the form of an Under-Armour or Lululemon gift card, and let them enjoy something that they wouldn’t have thought to treat themselves with.

UnderArmour (great for the guys)

Lululemon (great for the gals)




Got a friend who loves eating healthy? Or can’t eat gluten? Or struggles to give up chocolate before bedtime?Image result for chocolate chip quest bars

Quest bars are the bomb. A box of these for Chocolate-Chip Cookie Dough Quest Bars would be enough to make my Christmas.

You can get them from Coles, Woolies, or most Supplement Stores in your area for around $40-$50 for a box of 12.



Image result for nutri ninja slim qb3001Ok, so we have two infomercial-worthy kitchen appliances in this list. And sure, as far as blenders go this one’s pretty basic. But that’s exactly why we love them.

These things make it so easy to level up your protein shakes (with ice, peanut butter, blueberries etc) and they can blitz up healthy greens for soups and smoothies.

Just like the aforementioned grills, it is super easy to clean. Don’t give someone a gift that’s not easy; it’s Christmas!

Check them out at the Good Guys, starting at $58.



Trigger Point Massage BallTHESE THINGS ARE AWESOME.

Buy one of these for an athletic friend and they will love you. If you’ve never used one, buy one for yourself too.

Basically, it’s a firm ball that you can use on a floor, wall, or other hard surface to release pressure and tension in your muscles for kick-ass pain relief. Especially awesome for pain and tension in the shoulders or upper back, take the risk and grab one!

Only $22.49 at Rebel Sport


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