5 Easy Tips To Survive Xmas Day

At Nufit HQ, jeans are being abandoned for anything with an elastic waistband.Image result for christmas dinner birds eye

Cheat Meals are being substituted for Cheat Days.

And, you wouldn’t believe it, gluten is back on the menu *dramatic gasping*

We are not sharing this with you because we want you to abandon your nutrition plans and goals over the holiday period. But instead to help you understand that we truly value the importance of enjoying ourselves.

That being said, pleasure is not deserved nor enjoyed without hard work beforehand.

So here’s our guide (that we actually will be following ourselves) on how to survive Christmas, and come out feeling like a champ:

1. EAT BREAKFASTImage result for bacon eggs


This one should go without saying.

But the reality is, with the excitement of unwrapping presents on Christmas morning, or the frantic meal preparation that precedes a successful Christmas meal, it is very easy to either forget to eat.

Even if we remember, often times we don’t get enough quality calories in to fuel our busy days. (We all know how much energy it takes to make small talk with those strange cousins that you haven’t seen in a decade…)

So, we want you to make sure Christmas breakfast is rich in quality protein and fats.

The “optimal” breakfast would be meat, like a steak, and nuts (read more about portion sizes and the reasons here)

If you feel like you can’t stomach that, the old clasico of bacon + eggs will work a charm. Dropping the carbs for meal #1 will help keep your macros in check.

Finally, if you’re going to a lunch that’s more than 4-5 hours from breakfast, eat another (small) meal before you go! This will stop you unnecessarily snacking, and will help you keep your energy levels much higher throughout the day.

2. GO TO THE GYMBoost Your Bench Press With This Cutting-Edge Study!:


This is normally the point where the weak will close the article.

Bear with us!

We’re not saying that you should be smashing squats on Christmas morning instead of spending time with the fam.

But getting a solid workout in the day before your huge Christmas meal will keep your metabolic rate high, and will put those calorie-dense foods to a productive use!

Plus, you will feel AWESOME being only one of three people in the gym.

In the wise words of Shia LeBeouf, JUST DO IT!



If you have the option, take a dish that YOU prepared. That way, you can make it something healthy AND delicious.

And if you go to all the effort of making a dish, make it the bulk of your meal!

There’s always quality protein in the form of turkey, ham or roast beef. So the best idea is to take something vegetable-heavy like this killer roasted broccoli salad (tried and tested last weekend!)


Rule #1 at Nufit is that you DO NOT talk about NUFIT!

Rule #2 is that accountability is key.

Unfortunately, we aren’t going to be there for you on Christmas Day to make sure you’re not 10 glasses and 3 plates of pudding too deep.

But if you have a friend or family member that is trying to improve their nutrition too, we want you to approach them!

Let them know that you want to have a good time and let loose a little, but you want someone to keep an eye on you so you don’t go overboard!

You can be each other’s accountability partner, and even if you don’t say a word to each other about how you’re going, you will still have each other’s back.

Again, we don’t want you to miss out on the only Nufit-Approved Cheat Day™ of the year, but that doesn’t mean you need to break the record for most Christmas pudding consumed!




Come on guys.

We don’t want to see anything popping open except for champagne bottles.


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