Alex’s FIFO Story

How he lost 5kg in 4 weeks!

Struggling with long hours and a tight schedule?

Have no energy?

Shitty or limited gym equipment on site?

We’re back with another client case study from one of the boys on the FIFO System.

Alex works as a FIFO Geotechnical field tech on a 3 and 1 roster.

He had been into health and fitness in the past, but an injury combined with FIFO work lead to him gaining body-fat over the course of a few years.

Alex came to us 97kg with a sporadic schedule often going long hours without meals, then when he did eat he was relying on low-quality microwave meals.

This had his energy throughout the day lagging, no motivation to work-out, and of course – holding much more body fat than he’d like.

Unlike most of our FIFO guys, Alex was fortunate to be able to purchase and prepare his own meals at work rather than relying on options from a mess hall.

We started with educating him on the basic fundamentals of building balanced meals – this way no matter how sporadic his work schedule or whether he was at work or home, he could always build quality and well-portioned meals.


On top of ensuring his nutrition was personalized around his situation and goals, we got him set-up with effective personalized workouts that were challenging enough to encourage his body to grow and progress….

But were short and effective enough to not spend unnecessary time in the gym where he could be eating, sleeping or relaxing.

We then created a number of personalized meal guides/plans around his different work routines to offer more direction, with a number of options and recipes to give him plenty of variety and flexibility also.

However, Alex did have the limitation of not being able to access a gym at work, so being resourceful he sourced a set of adjustable dumbbells.

Which we built him a number of personalised dumbbell-only workouts that he could perform whilst at work despite his inability to access a gym.

From here Alex was able to prepare well-portioned meals, aligned with his goals, that most of all he says taste great..

Then use our MealLogger photo-journal app to log photos of his meals for our team to offer tweaks to meal contents and portions to keep him confident and on-track on a daily basis.

His personalised nutrition and training had him drop 5kg from 97 to 92kg in a period of 4 weeks (see picture above), with strength and energy both improving substantially.

Alex has just enjoyed a Christmas and New Year’s back at home and was able to maintain his weight over this period and has just signed on for another 12 weeks on the FIFO System to keep this ball rolling.

Want to learn how Alex did it?
Are you done making excuses about how/why you can’t do it?

Then click here to apply to The FIFO System and lets see if we are the right fit.

Applications are limited to 10 people ONLY per month.


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