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Colby works FIFO in the WA gold mine’s fuelling and servicing machinery on a 2 and 1 roster, with 7
days and 7 nights, with shifts extending up-to 13hrs+.

Colby came to us in mid-December at 78kg looking to start with us in the New Year to get fitter,
stronger, more-mobile, drop body-fat, and to improve his energy and lifestyle both at work and

We had a quick chat with him in mid-December and gave him a few basic pointers to get him started
on his own until we began working together in the New Year. Colby dropped from 78kg to 76.4kg
with the basic guidelines we gave him before starting is program – all whilst navigating the festive
season too!

As part of our FIFO System program we had Colby in for a DEXA Body Composition scan to measure his lean mass, body-fat etc. as well as the distribution of these to locate any imbalances we would need to work on.

His DEXA scan highlighted a 900g negative imbalance on the right side of his torso, as well as a 500g imbalance on his left leg.

On top of this in our first consultation we uncovered his work days which consist of driving all day
had led to tight hip flexors and inactive glutes and hamstrings, giving him pain and tightness through
his legs and lower back.

Given this information, as well as the amount of days and time he was able to allocate to the gym
each week in his schedule, combined with photos of his on-site gym, we got to work on his
personalised training.

We programmed his training specifically to release his tight hip-flexors, activate his glutes and
hamstrings, and bring up the lagging sides of his torso and leg imbalances, all using only the
equipment he had available to him, and fitting into his weekly and daily schedule.

With his training sorted for now – we looked to his nutrition, first understanding the options Colby
had at his mess hall, then proceeded to creat flexible, but clear guidelines on how to navigate and
build the best meals possible given his options at the mess.

With Colby also sometimes training at different times of the day, his plans and guidelines were also
personalised to account for training after work/before work, rest days, and when on break and how
best to stay on track with the extra freedom/flexibility of being at home.

After getting his meal guidelines and principles in-check, we then used our Meallogger app, included
in the FIFO system, for him to track photos and descriptions of his meals to then get daily feedback
and guidance from our coaches on these meals to keep his meal contents and portions in check as
well as provide a platform for daily Q&A on his nutrition if needed.

In his first few weeks he’s dropped his weight a further 1.4kg, which may not seem like heaps, but
looking at his progress photos it’s clear to see the changes around his body.

With his strength increasing consistently in the gym also, it’s clear with Colby’s adherence to his personalised program he has been able to achieve what few can – body recomposition; losing body-fat and building muscle at the same time. Which explains a lot about the slow changes on the scale.

It’s important to understand however, recomposition is not something that can last forever,
however Colby is enjoying the ride while it lasts!

With Colby executing perfectly on his nutrition and training, we looked to supplementation as a
means to improve his progress, as well as some other factors of stress and sleep he was struggling

It’s common among FIFO works to suffer poor sleep, and consequently, high-stress from shift-work,
long hours, and high temperatures among many other factors. With this in mind, we used our
internationally-sourced, practitioner-only supplementation access to provide Colby with a range of
medical-grade products personalised to his needs and goals.

We tailored him personalised dosages and timings, and noticed almost immediate improvements to
his sleep, stress, energy, and of course – progress.

Only 4 weeks in to his 12 weeks with his, Colby has shown he can put in the work, and knows when
to rest and recover. With some amazing physical progress so far, we can only expect more of this,
and hopefully some measurements now to track the changes more accurately! 😉

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