Geordie’s Swing

How he lost 3.7kg in under 4 weeks

Geordie is an all-round operator working at the Pilbara mine-site on a 2 and 1 roster.

Geordie came to us at the start of January at 84.3kg looking to drop close to 10kg as well as improve his energy at work and during time-off.

Geordie had been active and involved in sports his entire life, until commencing FIFO work
prevented him from committing to team sports or making the training times for his individual-sports
passions like boxing.

He attempted to stay active whilst on-site, however lagging energy from long days and poor nutrition combined with not going into the gym with a plan due to it being busy made getting in consistent and quality training/exercise difficult.

With the reduction in exercise and social sport and the increased stress of FIFO work he hasn’t been his old ‘fit-self’ for some time and agreed it was now time to take control of the situation and get on-track despite the hurdles faced with FIFO work.

Even before our time together officially started, Geordie set himself a goal to minimise his alcohol-
intake during the time of the program and had already seen great improvements before starting
with us.

Once our time together began we started as always by understanding the options Geordie had at his mess hall, then created flexible, but clear guidelines on how to navigate and build the best meals
possible given his options at the mess.

His plans and guidelines were also personalised to account for training after work, rest days, and
when on break and how best to stay on track with the extra freedom/flexibility of being at home.

Geordie learnt a lot about making better choices about what to put on his plate at the mess,
however admits he always had an issue with portion-control and knowing how much to have.

Thankfully our Meallogger app used as part of the FIFO system was the perfect way to guide Geordie here which gives him the ability to track photos and descriptions of his meals to then get daily feedback and guidance from our coaches on these meals to keep his portions in check or if ever the options at the mess made it difficult to follow his personalised nutrition plans/guidelines.

Within days Geordie reported feeling much less bloated, his work pants feeling looser, and dramatic
improvements to his energy making it easier and more enjoyable to get into the gym after long days
of work.

During his first swing off during our time together we got Geordie in for his first DEXA scan included
his the FIFO System program which gave us detailed information regarding his current body-

From this we were able to set accurate fat-loss and muscle gain goals for the course of the program.

Even more importantly the DEXA scan highlighted an imbalance in development between his left and right arms and legs – this is common as most people have a dominant side, however his was severe enough to address in his training.

We re-programmed Geordie’s training to comprise much more iso-lateral work; getting each side of
the body independently, along with an increase training volume to his left arm and leg to allow
Geordie to bring up the slightly lagging left limbs.

By his second week he had dropped a huge 3kg off the scales, 4cm off his waist and chest
measurements, whilst simultaneously increasing his strength in the gym and arm/leg measurements.

Not just this, but his energy improvement allowed him to enjoy his week off without feeling fatigued
the entire time like before.

Just shy of 4 weeks-in now he is down a total of 3.7kg, his strength in the gym and left arm/leg
measurements are up, he’s had to drill new holes in his belt, and his energy is through the roof both
at work allowing him to training consistently and intensely and at home allowing him to enjoy his
time off.

Geordie puts in the work day-in, day-out, which only makes it easier for him as he moves forwards.
Geordie looks forward to dropping the remaining 5kg in our remaining 8 weeks together.

Want to learn how Geordie did it?
Are you done making excuses about how/why you can’t do it?

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