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How he lost 7.6kg in 5 weeks over XMAS!

Glen is a diesel fitter by trade working in the mines in Claremont Central Queensland, however is no longer on the tools and is now working as an Asset Health Advisor on the same site with a 7 and 7 split.

Glen came to us at the start of December at 108.7kg.

Having gained approximately 10kg in the last 8-12 months from the new sedentary work role and struggling with energy throughout the day and motivation to get to the gym, he was looking to drop his body-fat and get back to the healthier weight and size he’d been in the past.

Glen was also struggling with pain/mobility issues in his left shoulder from snapping his AC ligament years ago which has now healed, but healed incorrectly resulting in the mobility concerns in overhead movements.

With this it was important for us to train him hard of course to get his body transforming, but pay special attention to rehabilitating his left shoulder with smart and personalised programming to ensure improvements in mobility and structural balance and of course prevent further injury.

As usual we started by understanding the options that Glen had at his mess hall, then created flexible, but clear guidelines on how to navigate and build the best meals possible given his options at the mess.

His plans and guidelines were also personalised to account for training before work, after work, rest days, and when on break and how best to stay on track with the extra freedom/flexibility of being at home.

Glen also had access to our Meallogger app as part of the FIFO system to track photos and descriptions of his meals to get daily feedback and guidance on these meals if ever the options at the mess made it difficult to follow his personalised nutrition plans/guidelines or to tweak his portions when trying new meal options for variety.

Within days Glen noticed feeling much more satisfied and therefore having less of a need to snack and eat at smoko as well as a big increase in the amount and duration of his energy.

With less cravings and snacking, eating well-portioned meals and having the energy to get to the gym after long days of work, in just 9 days he had dropped 5.4kg, whilst simultaneously increasing his strength in the gym.

Not long after this Glen was set for a few weeks off over the Christmas/New Year period. He’d shown he could achieve phenomenal progress at work and whilst at home, but the extra indulgences in food and drink common at this time of year were a new hurdle for us to handle.

We ensured we consulted prior to the Christmas break to plan this period to allow him to enjoy this time of year without losing all his hard-earned progress.

Understandably Glen’s weight fluctuated up 0.7-1kg over this time of year, however one thing we made sure was that he stayed consistent with his training.

Although Glen noticed a slight weight gain over the holidays, his strength also improved substantially throughout this time showing that the weight gained was not solely body-fat, but mostly muscle and carbohydrate weight.

Most importantly it gave Glen’s body a much-needed break before returning back to work in the new year where he dropped the gained weight, and some more – dropping 3.4kg in his first week back at work to his lowest weight of 101.1kg

This gave Glen a total weight loss of 7.6kg in a 5 week period, which included the Christmas and New Year break!

After 4 weeks on his first phase of training focused on regaining strength, stability and mobility throughout his entire body, but in-particular his previously injured left shoulder it was now time to move to phase 2 to step things up a notch with his training intensity.

This came at the perfect time over the Christmas break to make use of the extra food and to gain some good lean muscle.

After Glen’s huge drop from 108.7 to 101.1kg, he now has one week at home where he plans to break below the 100kg mark before departing on a 5 week holiday in Japan.

Glen and the Nufit team are ready to get back into his transformation when he returns.

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