Isaac’s FIFO Journey

Isaac works as a FIFO/Drive-in, drive-out Correctional Officer on a 10 and 5 rolling roster, consisting
of varying day, afternoon and night shifts.

Isaac lost a huge 17kg in the 10 months prior to joining us and came to us at 86kg to lose the more-
stubborn last few kilos.

His sporadic work roster and unhealthy lifestyle had him holding much more weight than he’d like,
and even after making some changes himself and dropping the first 17kg he was still dragging
himself through each day and plateauing in the last leg of his body-transformation journey.

His goals were to drop the last few kilos to approximately 15% body-fat and develop some size and

Unlike most of our FIFO guys, Isaac is fortunate to be able to purchase and prepare his own meals atwork rather than relying on options from a mess hall.

We started with educating him on the basic fundamentals of building balanced meals – this way no matter how sporadic his work schedule or whether he was at work or home, he could always build quality and well-portioned meals.

We then created a number of personalised meal guides/plans around his different work routines to
offer more direction, with a number of options and recipes to give him plenty of variety and
flexibility too.

Of course after setting up Isaac with a number of nutrition principles, guidelines and recipes, we
then used our MealLogger photo-journal app to log photos of his meals daily for our team to offer
guidance on meal contents and portions to keep him confident and on-track on a daily basis.

Next came his training. Unlike large mine sites which typically have a fully-equipped gym for the
large number of people using them, Isaac’s gym was quite basic with only limited access to a number of free-weights and a few pieces of cable equipment.

So we got Isaac to send photos of his gym’s equipment and we got to work developing him a
personalised program that would move him in the direction of his goals, whilst also utilising only the
equipment he had available to him.

With all this set-up, Isaac put in the work, and in his first 2 weeks dropped over 2kg from his starting
weight of 86kg to 83.5kg.

After his first 2 weeks Isaac had a much needed Christmas/New Year break, with his weight only
marginally increasing by 900g.

He kept his training consistent during this time, taking advantage of the extra food and rest to develop some extra strength and size.

Just over a week into the New Year, he reported excellent energy all day and motivation to train,
despite his sporadic roster and sleep-cycles.

Within his first 3 weeks of the year returning to work after Christmas he dropped to his lowest
weight yet of 82.5kg, 2kg down from his weight after Christmas, and 3.5kg down from his starting

Week after week Isaac has been putting in the work, and each week he has consistently seen drops
off the scales, and even more importantly big drops off his hips/waist measurements AND increases
to his strength.

After having spent almost 12 months in a calorie deficit now and over 20kg down (before + during
our time together), we now plan to spend a short period of 4-6 weeks consuming extra calories,
developing size and strength, and to allow his body and hormones to recover from a prolonged
period of fat-loss – All ready to set him up for his final charge to the finish line of 15% body-fat.

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