John’s FIFO Story

How he lost 4.2kg in 4 weeks

John works as a FIFO drilling contractor on a 2 and 1 roster, with 7 days day-shift and 7 night-shift.

Inconsistency with his results were an issue for him previously due to FIFO his lifestyle, this combined with an injury that prevented him workout out led to him gaining over 10kg in a 12 month period.

John came to us at 106.7kg, looking to regain and exceed his previous fitness and body compositionand a goal of getting back to 96kg first.

Then looking at 92-95kg with abs as an end goal.

We started by understanding the options that John had at his mess hall, then created flexible, but clear guidelines on how to navigate and build the best meals possible given his options at the mess.

To provide even greater levels of confidence and guidance, his plans and guidelines were also personalised to account for a number of factors including, but not limited to; day-shift, night-shift, training before work, training after work, rest days, and of course – time at home and how best to stay on track.

Whilst his many comprehensive plans were a great place to start, if he was ever still in doubt about his meals with the amount of options at the mess we used our Meallogger app as part of the FIFO system.

This allowed John to track photos and descriptions of his meals and he was able to get daily feedback and guidance on his meals if ever the options at the mess made it difficult to follow his
personalised nutrition plans and guidelines.

Within days into his first week John reported his energy improving dramatically, with him dropping 1.7kg by the end of his first week.

His training also got fully-personalised to provide the best fit around his shifts as there were some days he could train 30, 45 or 60 min and so we organised and his training to comprise of 30, 45 and 60 min workouts to allow him to work as much and train as hard as we could no matter his scenario.

Results were moving nicely whilst on swing, but soon we had to work on how to not lose-track whilst on his week off which he had struggled with in the past.

After a comprehensive consultation and a number of guidelines and exciting recipes to prepare at home John was able to navigate his first week off well, including attending (and making smart choices at) a wedding, leading to him not just not going backwards like previously, but actually dropping 700g in his week off too.

Whilst we made the best of the options provided at his mess, we agreed there was room for improvement with inconsistencies in access to quality lean-proteins at the mess for packed meals
during the day.

So during his week off we planned for John to be able to take his own pre-prepared cooked lean proteins to work with him to add to his salad/veg he’d pack for each day.

With these changes and consistency in his gym work he dropped to his lowest yet of 102.3kg, 4.4kg down in 4 weeks.

Not just this, but he consistently got stronger in the gym and even increased his arms, legs and calves measurements during this time being able to achieve great muscle and strength gains whilst maintaining a high level of consistent fat-loss and all whilst having the energy to make it through his days better.

John has even just enjoyed a well-deserved Christmas break and even managed to maintain these results despite still enjoying himself over Christmas.

John is back to work and he is powering onwards to his 96kg goal.

Want to learn EXACTLY how John did it?

Are you done making excuses about how/why you can’t do it?

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