Shanes FIFO Story

7.5kg GONE in his first 5 weeks

This is our legendary friend and client Shane.

He lost over 7.5kg in his first 5 Weeks on The FIFO System. (See the pic above)

Shane works as a mining contractor for FMG on an 8:6 roster.

He was previously fit and heavily involved in Gaelic Football, but a knee injury and busy FIFO work schedule had him away from sport, losing his fitness and adding on a bit of weight as a result.

He came to us with fatigue and high stress, getting sick far more often than usual, working long hours with low quality sleep had him waking up just as tired as he went to sleep.

His shifts can stretch upwards of 14 hours at a time and his roster is sporadic at best, meaning forming some level of routine with his nutrition and training proved difficult.

With no energy to get into the gym the first step was giving him some personalised guidelines to help him navigate the mess hall to feed and nourish his body with what he needed.

Within days of adjusting his nutrition his energy was already improving, pairing this with a structured wind-down phase to improve his sleep and later with some medical-grade magnesium the amount and quality of this sleep improved dramatically.

This made getting into the gym at 2/3am that much easier. After making the earlier morning sessions easier, we got him into a short, but effective training program to get him in and out of the gym with plenty of time to get to the mess to get a good breakie in as well as pack some quality crib.

We also adjusted his programs for when he was at home vs. on site to account for the different availabilities of equipment.

The personalized nutritional guidelines to navigating the mess hall combined with daily guidance and feedback through our photo-journal app Meallogger had his nutrition on-point, along with consistent and efficient workouts has Shane’s weight down 7.5kg in just over 4 weeks from the 16/10 to 22/11.


Simply put, before and after pics don’t tell the full story which is why we have 5 highly specific ways to track and measure progress to ensure we’re on the right track, even when sometimes it doesn’t look like it.

1. Weight
2. Cosmetic appearance (pictures)
3. Nutritional quality (pictures)
4. Strength progression
5. DEXA Scans (The most accurate on the planet)

Not only has he lost over 7.5kg, but his energy is improving dramatically, along with improved form, function and mobility in the gym working through previous injury limitations.

A huge congratulations for such an incredible effort thus far!

But enough about Shane, what about you?

Consider these questions seriously for a minute;

–How long have you been “thinking” about it for?
–What has to happen for you to start taking your health seriously?

A failed medical that costs your job?
Your partner making comments?
Missing opportunities with your kids?

It’s time to get honest because if you’re still telling yourself it’s “not that bad”, then I suggest you wake the fuck up!

What are you waiting for?

Leave your excuses at the door before you CLICK HERE TO APPLY

Or you could just piss another year away at the Wetty.


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