Wozza’s FIFO Story

Warren (Wozza) works as an underground diamond drilling contractor on a 2 and 1 roster, with 7 days day-shift and 7 night-shift.

Wozza has been mining for 12 years and on FIFO for 8 ½ years. His shifts can often extend for around 13 hours underground and he would finish his shifts exhausted and flat.

For the last 3-4 years he would drag himself out of bed to his alarm at 3am with no drive and force himself into the gym – with no significant progress in sight.

After getting him set up with meal plans and guidelines personalised around his schedule, shifts and options available at his mess hall he began going into the mess with confidence and direction.

It’s critical to know how to fuel your body with the right food choices, in the right amounts and at the right times.

After this if he was ever still in doubt about his meals we used our Meallogger app as part of the FIFO system to track photos of his meals…

This allowed Wozza to get daily feedback and guidance on his meals if ever the options at the mess made it difficult to follow his personalised nutrition plans and guidelines.

Wozza now enjoys the confidence of choosing his foods for a reason and knowing his choices are aligned with his goals.

On top of ensuring his nutrition was personalised around his situation and goals, we got him set-up with effective personalised workouts that were challenging enough to encourage his body to grow and progress….

But were short and effective enough to not spend unnecessary time in the gym where he could be eating, sleeping or relaxing.

Finding the right balance of hard work and training, but adequate recovery is where the magic lies for guys in FIFO as more is definitely not better when working 13+hr days as well as day/night shifts.

With these changes he now wakes up full of energy before his alarm every day, driven and motivated to train and has seen more progress in the last 6/7 weeks on the FIFO system than he did in his entire 3-4 years training beforehand.

Wozza has dropped a total of 5.5kg from 81.8kg to 75.8kg in the 4 weeks from Nov 1 st – Dec 1 st with his strength increasing on a weekly basis.

However the biggest improvement he says he has seen is his energy.

He’s waking up before his alarm, dominating his workouts, ‘cruising’ through his 13 hour days, both day and night shifts…

And instead of getting off bus at end of shift feeling exhausted – he has so much more energy to do what we wants.

He finishes his days with a better mood and energy allowing him to have great conversations with friends and loved ones, which is important to him being away from them for weeks at a time.

In his own words – he feels as though he has a greater purpose on site now and is enjoying his time at work not just making money now, but knowing he is making progress and on track to a greater purpose.

Want to learn EXACTLY how Wozza did it?

Are you done making excuses about how/why you can’t do it?

If so, then click here to Apply to the FIFO System and lets see if we are the right fit.

Applications are limited to 10 people ONLY per month.


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