4 Ways To Banish Belly Bloating!

It can be a terrifying moment when you’re struggling to suck your gut in for a photo or trying to squeeze on your tightest pair of jeans… “Have they shrunk?” you wonder; “Or has my belly grown?”

What could be the cause of the sudden bloating?

Well put it simply, feeling “bloated” is actually the result by swallowing air or having built up gas in your digestive system from the types of food you eat.

Here are a few tips and tricks to flatten that stomach of yours!

1. Avoid chewing gum.

Sugar alcohols found in sugar-free gums contain ingredients such as xylitol, sorbitol and mannitol, which can disrupt the digestive system and produce gas when consumed in large doses. Not only that, the chewing action will increase the risk of swallowing excess air into your digestive system.

2. Eating too fast.

Scuffing your food too fast or skipping a meal can easily causes you to bloat up. The issue with consuming your meals too fast can lead to a built up of excess air into your GI tract causing that belly bloat. Slow down when you’re eating that delicious burger of yours and remember to spread your meals throughout the day.

3. Soda and carbonated beverages.soft-drinks

Those fizzy, bubbly carbonated drinks can create some uncomfortable feeling in your belly. The bubble from the soda releases CO2 particles, which get trapped into your GI tract causing you to bloat. So put down that soda drink and stick with the good ol’ H2O. (This means beer too, lads)

4. Legumes.

We all know that baked beans are the musical fruit (shoutout to you if you get that reference), but did you intro-legumes-photo2know why? Beans along with lentils, soybeans and peas contain fibers and sugar that humans can’t properly absorb in the large intestines. Instead, the bacterium in the gut consumes them instead. This leads to gas and that distinct belly pop. Drinking lots of water can assist with digesting the beans through your system, and the bloating can reduce in intensity as your body gets used to eating legumes more often.

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