5 Sleep Hacks That Will Change Your Life: Sleep Guide – Part One


  • Working out 5 times a week? Check
  • Have a rock-solid nutrition plan from Nufit? Check
  • Sticking to your systems and goals to the T? Check
  • Feeling so tired and drained that it feels like you’ve walked through 100 brick walls to get there? CHECK


If this sounds like you, congratulations! This means you are killing it with your efforts.

BUT I could bet any amount of money (that doesn’t have too many zero’s on the end…) that there is one thing in your life holding you back from the results and energy levels that you truly desire – and deserve!


A little 5 letter word that can dictate our mood, energy, ability to focus, libido and a million and one other little things that are vital for us to get through our day with a smile.

Here’s Part 1 of Nufit’s mini-guide on how to get killer sleep and why you need it (even if you think you don’t…)

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1. What’s So Good About This “Sleep” Thing?


Image result for brain sleepThe primary purpose of sleep is restoration and rejuvenation.

Throughout the day, your brain – through completely normal activity – creates a whole heap of metabolic waste.

These toxins, if not correctly cycled out, can be bad for our brain, and have even been linked to things like Alzheimer’s Disease.

When we sleep, our brain goes into recovery mode: our brain cells actually shrink, and our ‘Glymphatic System’ (what an awesome name, right?) takes out the trash.

Beyond this, you’ve undoubtedly heard about how essential sleep is for our memory and mental performance (and if you don’t remember hearing that, maybe you need to get some more sleep!)

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A study done in 2003 showed two important findings:

  1. If you get 6 hours of sleep per night for 2 weeks straight, your mental and physical performance declines to the level as if you had stayed awake for TWO DAYS STRAIGHT.
  2. People who lack adequate sleep don’t actually notice their performance declining!


And most importantly for all the Nufit-ers out there, sleep is super important for the health of your metabolism. Studies have shown that when you sleep for 5.5 hours a night rather than 8.5 hours a night, less of the energy you burn comes from your fat.

Instead, a higher proportion comes from carbohydrate and protein, making you more susceptible to gaining fat and losing muscle mass.

Even worse, a lack of sleep or disrupted sleep cycles can lead to insulin insensitivity and metabolic syndrome, increasing your risk of diabetes and heart disease.

Which is bad.

The optimal amount of sleep for adults is 8 hours a night (the optimal number can be anywhere from 7-9 hours depending on the individual – use 3 day trials to test this for yourself).

To some of us, this number can seem unrealistic; especially if you’re blessed enough to be a parent. However, it is not impossible nor unreasonable to make it happen if we deliberately practise improving our bed-time routines and preparations.

Now that we understand how important sleep is, how do we get better at doing it?

We will get into some quick tips and hacks shortly, but here’s something to consider.

What would better and more restful sleep do for YOUR life?

At Nufit, we understand how powerful the link is between nutrition and sleep. Our nutrition plans are tailored to you, so that your food and supplement intake maximises your ability to get proper, nourishing sleep. There is a more detailed and personalised nutrition program out there that will completely change how you feel when you wake up each and every day. If you want to change your life in a big way, click here.

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Sleep Hacks: 5 Tips To Make Your Sleep Longer and Better


  • 1 HOUR, NO SCREENS – We start with this tip because it is the hardest to implement (for me at least), but BY FAR, had the biggest results. The light from TV, phones, computer screens actually reduces the production of melatonin; a hormone that our body produces to prepare us for sleep. I understand how hard this can be for some but I implore you: Try this for a week.
  • WAKE UP AT THE SAME TIME, NO SNOOZING! – Even on weekends. I repeat, even on weekends. This tip, combined with daily exercise, literally reduced the time it took me to go to sleep from about 90 minutes down to 5 minutes. You may personally find this works for you, or you may not find it valuable to continue this trend forever. BUT if it takes you a super long time to go to sleep, try this and you will be amazed at how sleepy you feel when your head hits that pillow.
  • GET BLACK OUT CURTAINS – have an annoying street light that brightens up your room at night? Have ratty blinds that do nothing to block the sunrise? Have a pesky neighbour that leaves their outside lights on overnight? It has been proven that we sleep significantly better when it is DARK. Even if you can’t do this, you should dim or turn off the majority of your lights as soon as it’s dark outside.
  • GET THE SOUND RIGHT – Peace and quiet will always help your sleep. If you’re like me, and get distracted by background noise (or even too much silence), turn on a fan or use rainymood.com to cover it with the sound of soothing rain.
  • BUY A BETTER PILLOW – If you’re still using that $7 Kmart pillow from 3 years ago, throw it out. Pillows should be replaced every 12-18 months (or more often if you can afford it). Due to build-up of mites, dead skin and oils, old pillows can cause allergies, acne and neck problems, which can disrupt quality sleep.Look for a pillow that comfortably fills the gap between your head and shoulders when you lie down. People who sleep on their stomach or back should pick slimmer pillows, whereas side sleepers should opt for a plumper pillow. Best way to find the right one is to go to a bedding store and actually test them! I highly recommend using a shredded memory foam pillow – well worth the investment!

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These simple tips will transform the way you sleep. It’s a relatively small time and money investment into something that will make you more productive, effective and happy. What is that worth to you?

Check out the Nufit blog again next week where we will go over Part 2 – Nutrition and Supplementation for Sleep. Follow our Facebook page so you never miss an update!

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Sleep Better get Bigger!

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