The Nutrition Habits You Need To Win In 2017

Running - breathing technique . ( thought this would be especially good since winter is here ): We are coming up to the end of the first week of January! That means you are probably in one of two situations:

1. You have finally gone the that gym you signed up to 6 months ago, and you’re eating way too much kale.

2. You are NOT riding the new year’s health+fitness wave, and you are stunned at how many people you are now seeing in active wear miles away from the nearest gym.

If you fit into category #1, then you’re putting in the effort! Awesome! Now let’s make sure all that energy and effort don’t go to waste by getting your nutrition on point.

If you fit into category #2, then you probably don’t buy into New Year’s Resolutions (nor do I…). So that makes 1 week AFTER New Year’s Day just about the best time to make a change in your life! You avoid the bandwagon hype but you still get to take action now!

So for both of these categories, here are the three best Nutrition Habits to set the pace for 2017!

1. Plan Your Supermarket Trips


Most people experience failure in their nutrition due to a lack of access to quality ingredients.

Convenience is king. Wonder why you see 7-Elevens are literally everywhere? It’s because people are lazy – and so are you! The sooner you can learn and accept this, the quicker you can start building a strategy to sidestep your laziness!

In this case, it means creating a plan and structure once, so you don’t have to put in time and energy every single week making decisions on what to cook or what to buy.

The less decisions we have to make, the better our strategy will work.

So here are the things you will need to determine to make your grocery planning effective:

  • A stylishly attired woman shops for coffee at a Kroger supermarket, 1957. #vintage #1950s #supermarket: What is your staple?

If you were forced to pick 1 carbohydrate/staple to eat every day for the rest of your life, what would that be? Rice? Potatoes? Beans? Pick one and stock up! Save your other choices for when you get sick of your favourite.

  • How much protein do you need per day?

This is based on your nutrition plan. The specific amount of protein you need each day and each meal is crucially important, and we calculate this for you as part of all of our coaching programs.

  • How long will your protein stay fresh?

Once you know exactly how much of each protein you need per day, multiply that by the number of days it will stay fresh! That determines how much you need to buy each shop, and when your next shop will be. Most of the time, your protein will spoil before or at the same time as your veggies do.

  • What will you eat for healthy fats?

Avocado? Coconut Oil? Almonds?

  • How will you add flavour without sacrificing nutrition?

The reality is, optimising your supermarket trips means less time spent, less money spent, less food wasted and more gains made! People vastly underestimate this as a part of nutrition, and fail to understand that it is basically the most critical part of maintaining a healthy diet.

If you’re confident enough to do this yourself, awesome. If not, let us know! Our 28-Day Transform Challenges answer all these questions and more. Spots are super limited (and we mean it, all of these New Year’s Resolutions are filling up our groups!) so register your interest here.

2. Have A Morning Nutrition Routine


Wake up at 5am. Eat a high-fat, high-protein breakfast. Drink a litre of water. Have a black coffee and high quality fish oil. Have a serving of super-greens. Go to work.

Now imagine this was you.

What do you think your nutrition would be like tomorrow if you woke up and did this at the start of the day? Do you think it would be easier or harder to resist that 3pm bar of chocolate, or that pie for lunch?

Now let’s take that further; if you woke up and did that tomorrow morning, then for another 364 mornings after, what do you think your life would be like in a year’s time? How would your health, habits and mindset look at that point in time?

Things would be pretty awesome, right?

This is the reality of a morning routine.

Habits are the cornerstone of a functional, effective life. But what people often fail to correlate, is how much more impactful a habit becomes if it happens at the very start of each and every day.

You’ve heard probably heard this phrase in your lifetime: that someone “woke up on the wrong side of the bed”. The reason this saying exists is because the tone you set first thing in the morning has such a disproportionate, significant effect on your mood and momentum through the rest of the day.

So rather than being a victim of a bad sleep or a hard day, use this knowledge to your advantage and set yourself up for success by creating a set of actions, and repeating it enough times that it starts to happen on autopilot.

Set this up however you like. That sequence at the very top of this section is actually what I do each and every morning… and it changed my life.

Waiting around until you “get motivated”? Start a morning nutrition routine. Easy.

3. Log Your Meals


Here is something that for the guys and gals out there that are already shedding blood, sweat and tears trying to reach their fitness goals, but don’t seem to be making the progress.

So what are the benefits of writing down all your food intake?

  1. AwarenessImage result for diary writing

Start writing down every single thing you eat, and suddenly those morning tea muffins will start to add up. Awareness always precedes change, and as you start to understand your own eating habits and tendencies, you will start to understand how and why you want your diet to change for the better.

  1. Habit-Forming

Any pro-active habit that relates to your health is a good one. Just like the morning routine, we want to re-program our brain to change its focus towards our health and nutrition. If we train ourselves to invest the time and energy into logging our meals, that same effort will then be easily transferable to our nutrition plan once we have enough information to structure it to our lifestyle.

  1. The More Data, The Better!

As nutrition coaches, we LOVE when our clients have proper, accurate information about their eating rituals. The more info you come to us with, the more we are able to tailor a plan around you. Generic diets, meal plans and strategies have been proven time and time again to fail – maybe you can attest to this as well. The only strategies that work are those that are specific to you, and change when you change.

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