The 5 Best Ways To Disguise Your Greens

There’s two types of people in this world.

1. The ones who say “Ew no way will I eat any more greens than I am eating right now.” These people almost never are eating enough greens.

2. The ones who say “I don’t need to disguise my greens, I eat plenty!” These people are also never are eating enough greens.

Whatever way you look at it and despite your best efforts, you’re probably not eating enough greens.

Here’s the 5 best ways to boost your intake without ruining all the fun:

1. Kale Chips



I can hear your brain protesting at the very sight of the words “Kale Chips”

And the reason is that is EXACTLY what I thought when I was first presented with this ridiculous-sounding concept. After all, nothing healthy can replace potato chips right? Wrong.

It’s the most bizarre phenomenon known to man. Cut up your kale, remove the thick stalks, drizzle with a little olive oil, some salt, even some paprika and chili if you’re feeling game. Chuck it on a baking tray in the oven at 180 for 10-15 minutes and boom.

Something comes out the other end that actually tastes delicious. It’s a hard flavour to describe, almost meatier and more fulfilling than potato chips, with nowhere near the amount of carbs or oil.


2. Green Smoothies


Fad? Yes. Delicious? Also yes.

The secret to nutritious green smoothies is getting used to the grassy flavour of the greens. The goal is to get your taste buds sturdy enough to cut back the fruit/sugar/additives to the point where the bulk of the smoothie is made up of water and blended greens. When I make my favourite smoothie for other people, they often say “ew”

But the joke is on them! It is definitely a taste that you learn to love, and being able to consume half a jumbo bag of spinach in one sitting is awesome, and you feel amazing for hours afterwards due to the lack of sugar crash.

My advice? Start with just a small handful of greens and a larger handful of fruit (blueberries, banana, peeled apples all work well) blended with ice and water (coconut water can help you get it down if using regular water is too bitter or bland for you at the start). Then, each smoothie you make, slightly decrease the amount of fruit and increase the amount of greens. Good luck! You’ll need it…


3. Stews


Ever boiled a whole bunch of kale or a whole bag of baby spinach in water? It disappears and melts into nothing! Sometimes it even makes me feel like I am getting ripped off…

But here’s the thing, if we replicate this phenomenon in a slow cooker, in a stew, or even added to a beef or turkey chili, you won’t even realise how many greens you are consuming!

My favourite hangover food is actually a chorizo, chickpea and kale stew… There’s plenty of recipes and variations you can find online but if you are craving some easy “feel-good” food, give it a go – and double down on the amount of greens in the recipe!

4. Powdered Greensformula-health-green-boost-organic-greens-1kg


Powdered greens???? What kind of nutritionist tells you to take powdered greens???

Well, we do.

Granted, our #1 motto at Nufit is “Food Comes First!”.

But, we are realists. Sometimes the broccoli gets used up before we make it to dinner. Sometimes the housemate steals the rest of the salad greens and claims it was on the wrong shelf in the fridge.

Whatever the reason, it is nice to know there is something that not only works as an awesome back-up plan, but is so high quality that it actually ADDS to our health even if we are smashing our intake of greens already!

We swear by Formula Health’s Green Boost. It helps to increase energy, boost your immune system, optimise pH in the body to control stress and thyroid function, as well as detoxify the body to help burn those last stubborn layers of fat! Greens powders have a huge range of benefits, and may very well be the solution to your struggles with lack of energy, excessive stress and stubborn fat!

Available to members of our programs, shoot me an email to find out more.

5. Make a Salsa Verde


Plating up a delicious steak but want to take it a step further?

Salsa verde literally translates to “green sauce” – it is dense in herbs, big on flavour and super simple to make. The OG, Jamie Oliver, has a great recipe here.

While not the most traditionally effective way of maximising your greens intake, it is most definitely one of the tastiest.

Boiled spuds, brocollini, steak and salsa verde is a meal that stays almost permanently in my rotation. It’s simple but give it a shot! You won’t be disappointed.


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