Nick Cardone

I would highly recommend trying any program the Nufit team are putting out there. In the last 28 days i’ve lost enough weight to have dropped down 2 sizes in both shirts and pants. Between Cam and Bri they are able to keep even one of the laziest people in myself motivated enough to keep going, tell me off for cheating and keeping me accountable for my bad eating habits. Doing the Transform 28 day program has changed my life already, feeling healthier and having more energy than i have had in a very long time. The Nufit Team have taught me so much about nutrition so now once we part ways i will be able to sustain this weight loss and new way of life.

I cannot thank Cam and Bri and the rest of the Nufit team for helping me on this journey and give me the tools to be able to keep this journey going beyond the 28 days.

I highly recommend giving this a try if you really want to make a change in your life. Make the decision to do so now. Give yourself the opportunity to get healthy!

Kunal Arora

Last 28 days have been so intense but somehow “Camri” (cam+Bri) kept me motivated and inspirational to keep going and smash all the goals I made. Seriously guys, this is a highly recommended 28 day programme which is not for just 28 days, but will change your life forever!

The results shows up as long as you follow the programme and team is always there to help you no matter what you ask and when you ask! Remember, there is no such thing as a stupid question and the team always try to help you to get rid of obstacles and push you to the limits so you show the results!

I would suggest all of you should give this programme a go and become a part of the Nufit family! Yea that’s right, they do treat you like family..

Andrew Hope

Results speak for themselves!
Bri and Cam kicked my ass to get my mind set right and get the dedication required for me to be able to help myself. In 3 weeks (as I was smashed with the flu in the 4th) I dropped 3.3% body fat whilst increasing my skeletal muscle mass from 40.4kg to 40.6kg. So the kilos lost were purely body fat, which is exactly what I was after. I’m just gutted I didn’t get the 4th week in. The best bit though was the advice I got which has now given me the tools and knowledge to improve myself day in day out and feel good about it. They know their stuff, so if you want a good change get on it!!

Dexter Manaloto

This program has helped me get to the path that there is a success. A success that you can achieve that goals you have set. You have to be self-determined in order to progress and of course with the help of the amazing staff they will guide you on that path. It is a pleasure working with these awesome people and may the program be a success in the future as we are.

Hugo Drogemuller

Genuine people excited about people’s individual health and fitness needs

Ophelia Ho

I wanted to make a change, but I was always too afraid to seek out the answers; basing all my decisions and perspectives on what we’re fed through the media’s ill-constructed idea of health and fitness. But NUFIT helped me to open my eyes and gave me all the tools and resources I needed to make these changes. All I needed to do was step outside of my comfort zone and do it… Bri and Cam also do a great job following up on you every week to see how you’re going and answer all your questions or doubts you may have…

But the most important thing that I learnt was this: you will never know what you’re capable of, until you give it a try. You will never have the answers, if you do not ask the questions. And lastly, you will never change or improve, unless you take a risk. We can all be resistant to change, no one likes to change a routine they’re used to, or be told that your least favourite exercise will actually have the best benefits for you. But NUFIT has shown me and given me the courage, this courage that I now proudly wear, to fully enjoy the benefits of eating well, training well and creating the path towards your goals and ambitions. I come out with so much more knowledge and a completely changed perspective on health and fitness. It is no longer something I perceive to be unachievable, but now, a lifestyle I endeavour to continue until I can no longer breathe. Thank you guys at NUFIT. I love you.


Growing up I have always regarded myself as an active person with relatively healthy eating habits which positively affected my sporting endeavors. However, as I was 6 months into starting Crossfit, I began to realize that I needed to optimize my diet to yield the results I wanted.  In an attempt to better my knowledge, I contacted Head Nutritionist of NUFIT, Cameron Wild. Consulting with Cameron on a weekly basis helped me tremendously with my gains, within a matter of weeks I was already feeling a difference in my day to day life, and most importantly in my training . Cameron’s attention to detail and commitment to me as the client was fantastic, and the results speak for themselves!  When I first began working with Cameron I was sitting at a comfortable 18.5% body fat, weighing in at 89kg’s. When I finished up my program with Cameron, I was sitting at around 12% body fat, still weighing in at 89kg’s, training harder than ever! Not only have I seen a difference in my physique and performance, I have also seen a positive change in my general life. The lessons I learnt through working with Cameron will most definitely help me achieve my goals for the future!


I will be competing in INBA and ANB (bodybuilding competitions) later in the year. NUFIT helped me revise through my nutritional plan throughout my competition preparation. I was shown a great deal of enthusiasm towards my ambition to compete which was a highly motivating factor.I believe Cam’s personal touch sets NUFIT apart from everyone else! I could not be more pleased with the effort that NUFIT has put towards myself and would highly recommend them to anyone regardless of their sporting goals.


NUFIT has definitely changed my life. I only recently started hitting the gym and although I understood that a healthy diet was the best way to complement this lifestyle change, I didn’t know what foods I should be putting into my body in order to get the best results.Cam was able to create a personalised guide that provides me with all of my nutritional needs but never leaves me feeling hungry or bored, compared to other diets I’ve tried in the past. NUFIT understands that everyone is an individual, and by them taking the time to listen and appreciate my goals, I am now on the path to reaching them.


Cam…. The mastermind. I came into this not knowing what to expect in regards to nutrition. I came in as a full time smoker, an every weekend drinker and a love of junk food. From the very start I could sense your strive for success. Your constant positive reinforcement to me, your support and even your witty comments, these are what got me over the line. It amazes me that all it took was one person to change a lifestyle.

Within the first week I stopped smoking, something I have attempted many times and always gave in to. I completely changed my eating habits. I would never have guessed that by the end of the sixth week I preferred steak and greens to a pasta! Steak for breakfast! I never saw that coming! These are all things that you have taught me and demonstrated to me. I have seen results. Incredible results! I cannot thank you enough, and I look forward to working with you a whole lot more!


I was always putting in the time at the gym but not always seeing the results I was looking for. My goal is to add bulk but even though I was spending plenty of time on the weights I was progressing at a much slower rate than I would have liked.

Cam explained to me that my diet is just as important as what I do in the gym. The best thing about NUFIT’s nutritional plans is that they explain why I need to eat certain foods and what effects those foods have on my body.

Since I have been following NUFIT’s nutrition plan I have gone from 82kg to 87kg in 4 weeks!


The knowledge of health and nutrition at Nufit is outstanding. It has really helped me change my eating habits. Cameron took the time to personalise a program to my needs that suits my lifestyle, and is very effective for my weight loss goals.  I have more energy during the day, and during my training sessions. I have also lost weight and size around my waist. It was interesting to learn more about different foods and the benefits of each. I think the most important thing is that I now have a diet plan that is sustainable for the long term, not a quick, bandaid fix diet.


Having been a highly competitive soccer player throughout my teenage years, I suffered several serious injuries between 17 and 20. Last year I suffered a serious back injury. However, with NUFIT’s help, I am now back in the gym, and although it’s a long recovery, the difference is obvious in how my back feels since I sought out professional nutritional advice, to accompany my rehabilitation.I am indebted to NUFIT’s approach, being both professional, but welcoming, and allowing me to really be flexible with all my consultations.


I took on NUFIT not for any particular goal in purpose but to learn what food was all about and treat food for food. Under Cam’s tutelage and guidance throughout the program I learnt what foods were essential to my body and how to manipulate my food intake to suit my body’s needs as they arose. Weekly catchups with Cam made sure I stayed in check and although I might waiver, I now thanks to Cam and NUFIT, have the knowledge to get myself back on track to a healthier, sustainable and balanced diet!


I have known Cameron in a professional capacity when I engaged him to assess and recommend a nutrition plan for me about 6 months ago. I am 50 years old and work as a Complaints Manager with a Victoria based dairy company in an office environment. My goals were to change my eating habits to gain energy and also to sit along side an exercise plan to get fit.Cameron developed & refined a dietary plan where I was able to reach my goals within 3 months! Cameron’s expertise is his understanding of nutrition and its effect on the body & bodily functions.   If you are looking for a nutritionist to help you achieve your goals and deliver visible results then I would recommend Cameron Wild.

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